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It's an app which comes built into every Mac.

Why A-PDF Rename

It has a bit of a learning curve, which is a bit silly for something as simple as renaming files. But once you've setup a workflow for renaming files, the process will be much quicker in the future. To create the workflow:. This method provides more settings for tweaking and more granularly changing the names of files in batches. For instance, you can automatically add a label to all the renamed files, as well. Just click Label Finder Items in the middle column before running the workflow.

A-PDF Rename

When it comes to renaming files, both methods accomplish the same thing. No option is better than the other.

It comes down to preference and how in-depth your renaming needs to be. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. Computers Two ways to batch rename files on a Mac If you ever find yourself needing to rename several files at once, Mac OS comes with several inbuilt options for getting the job done.

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By Taylor Martin. Using Finder With Yosemite came a powerful and very lightweight inbuilt tool in Finder for renaming a large selection of files. As text content? You may find the following blogposts useful, particularly the list of 3rd party PDF renaming apps:. CSV Source.

Renamer - Batch File Renamer for Mac

Thanks Stephen. Here's what I have.

Each PDF has 2 pages. Unfortunately it does not contain the username. The number in the filename is generated by the exam company and is not a constant, so I can't really use it. In a spreadsheet whatever format you like - excel, csv, txt I can have whatever fields I need- last name, first name, username, ID , etc. The usernames are alphanumeric:.

Renaming Multiple Files at once in Mac – The Easier and Faster Way!

For a more user friendly approach, I would look into third party file rename tools or the PDF programs or scripting options listed in the links in my blogposts mentioned in post 3. It is of course possible, but is it practical, particularly so for student names? The following presumes an ongoing need to do this which would make the task of the setup worthwhile.

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One would still need to take care if two or more students had exactly the same spelling for their names. Thank you Deb, good luck and please let the forum know which method you used to rename all PDF files. I'm afraid I didn't use any of the suggested methods.

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  • The owner of software into which I was loading the PDFs that had to be renamed made an adjustment to the file upload process. That adjustment allowed me to upload the PDFs without renaming them. Since I have to do this multiple times over the course of every academic year the individual PDFs get attached to individual student records it was more efficient to change the process than to rename all those files every time I needed to upload them. Thanks for the help anyway- I learned a lot that I may be able to use in other situations.