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However, the aesthetic remains a firm favourite, for nostalgia but also because such artwork stands out in an era of high-res HDR photography. For free, you get a handful of systems to play with; a one-off IAP unlocks the rest. Retrospecs goes beyond any contemporaries in its sheer glorious geekiness. Sure, you could just tap a filter and be done. So whether you lived through the era or just fancy recreating it, Retrospecs is a must. On Android? Try the broadly comparable 8Bit Photo Lab instead. But this is also twinned with a versatile feature-set, which offers flexibility regarding what you eventually output to your device or social media.

You can create cards, freeform layouts or grids. The last of those is the option to which most users will gravitate.

Select a group of images and the app suggests a layout. Layouts can be tweaked, as can the background colour. But there are loads of other editing tools lurking: image adjustments; stickers; text; entry animations; even freeform doodling.

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For free, there are limits — an enforced watermark, and restricted access to stickers and backgrounds. But a single two-quid in-app purchase forever removes the former and is well worth grabbing. Plenty of apps on mobile provide the means to remove unsightly blemishes, but TouchRetouch is designed specifically for the task. This level of focus elevates TouchRetouch above its peers. You get a range of tools, each optimised for a particular kind of object removal.

This means for a tiny imperfection, a tap might be enough to get rid of it. Lines such as power cables are dealt with using their own dedicated tool. This all works for degree photos, too. Load a Portrait photo into the app, and you can get to work adding one or more custom light sources. Each can be moved, have its own colour and spread, and utilise a bespoke mask — built in examples include basic shapes, blind-like slats, and esoteric fare like festive decorations.

However, whether you fancy adding extra visual interest to a favourite shot, or just want an inkling into how you may be able to radically edit any aspect of a photo in the future, Apollo is a few quid well spent.

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You load a photo, tap a preset, and then gaze in wonder at your vector art masterpiece. That description is less hyperbolic than you might think, too. The presets really are superb, echoing comic-book sketches, oil paints, rotoscoping stills, and etchings. But Imaengine Vector goes further.

Each preset has sliders for adjusting details, lines, and palettes. Drag the detail slider leftwards in Hatching to go from precision ink drawing to abstract doodle. Elsewhere in this round-up, we feature Pic Collage, an app that excels in placing photos into an editable grid.

Load a photo, tap the scissors, and you can chop out sections by dragging a finger. Each individual piece can be moved, cloned, flipped and deleted.

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Text objects can be added and manipulated in similar fashion. If you want precision and geometry, Pic Collage exists for that. For playfulness and an immediacy that echoes working with paper, sok-edit is a must-have download. This camera app acquired a decidedly self-absorbed social feed during a major revamp in You get great filters, some of which ape old-school point-and-clickers and cheapo experimental, toy cameras.

That shoots pics into a user-selected grid at pre-set intervals. Whatever you upload can easily be shared with thousands of people, and you can keep an eye on other photographers whose work you like.

For individuals and companies alike, Instagram is a key social network pillar, alongside Facebook and Twitter. When it comes to shooting and editing, the app offers plenty of options, even if it occasionally lacks coherence. Using the built-in camera, you can overlay live effects, slap on stickers and text, and scribble all over the end result. These include a range of popular filters, adjustments, and smart vignette and tilt-shift effects.

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Like the instant cameras Instagram was influenced by, this one is best thought of as an editing tool for photographers keen on speed, immediacy and being in the moment. In fact, it was one of Apple's Mac Apps of the Year in The standard version will be more than adequate for most day-to-day editing tasks, but the Pro version updated to version "1.

It also includes additional editing tools, brushes and effects so that you can create even more striking images. Fortunately, there's a day trial available for both versions, so you can check them out before deciding which one is best for you. Both versions are packed with filters and effects, along with quick selection tools and layers that provide really precise control when making fine edits to specific parts of an image.

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They also include a wide range of brushes, pens and pencils that allow you to paint or enhance images by hand. But what we really like about Pixelmator is the way that all these tools are presented within a streamlined interface that doesn't overwhelm new users. You can customise the main tool bar so that it just focuses on the key tools you like to work with, and all the filters, effects and other features are neatly organised within their own individual palettes that you can hide or show as required.

The Pixelmator website also has a really good online manual, along with dozens of video tutorials to help you get started. There's a trial version available that you can download and explore for a full 30 days before deciding if you want to pay for the full version. Photoshop Elements is actually two programs in one, as it includes the main Elements Editor along with a separate Organizer program that helps you to sort and view your photo collection and which some people prefer to Apple's own Photos app.

And, as the name implies, Photoshop Elements is based on the more expensive, professional version of Photoshop, and it includes some really powerful editing tools that it has borrowed from its professional counterpart.

Must-Have Photo Editors For Mac

It's packed with filters and effects, including an attractive selection of 'artistic' effects that can make your photos look like hand-drawn paintings or sketches. There's also a really good set of automatic enhancement tools that can improve colour balance, exposure, and lighting with no effort required from you at all.

But the great strength of Photoshop Elements lies in its cleverly designed interface, which provides three different editing modes for people with different levels of experience. The Quick mode is for beginners, and concentrates on a few key tools that allow you to quickly improve colour, lighting and other basic settings. As you gain experience you can try Guided mode, which provides step-by-step help with more advanced techniques, such as creating vignettes and portrait photography.

Finally, there's Expert mode, which provides full access to the program's powerful selection tools, layer controls, and other features that allow you to really get creative with your photos. You will, however, need a bit of patience in order to get to grips with all those tools. The app makes few concessions for beginners, and its interface throws a rather intimidating array of palettes, tools, and menu commands at you right from the start. Fortunately, the main Start screen does include some sample files that you can download and experiment with, along with links to a selection of online video tutorials to help you get started.

And, if you persevere, you'll find that Affinity Photo has all the editing tools you're ever likely to need. There are dozens of filters and effects, including some fun 'liquify' effects that allow you to distort images like putty. And the best part of Polarr is the easy auto adjustments, which allow you to apply gorgeous edits with a click of a button.

Get Polarr on the App Store. It excels at one-click fixes and filters, and is perfect for busy photographers looking for a quick edit. Get Fotor on the App Store. The powerful editing toolkit is very easy to navigate, and advanced features include batch editing, panorama and collage options, and numerous filters. Because the interface is easy to figure out, you will find that your editing skills improve dramatically with experimentation.

No matter what your experience level is, PhotoScape X will help advance your technique. With Image Tricks, you can add text overlays, frames, and wild distortions to your pictures, as well as make a few basic adjustments like highlights and color saturation. Get Image Tricks on the App Store. Photos is primarily a photo storage platform, allowing you to group photos based on the time and place they were taken, use face detection to find photos, and quickly order prints.

But not everyone knows that it comes with impressive editing tools, like retouching, white balance adjustment, and noise reduction. How To.