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Waiting six hours to find out if your Mac is infected is nerve-wracking! Always-on malware protection is what protects the user outside of the times when scans are run.

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If some malware arrives on the disk, perhaps via an email or a downloaded file, then the always-on protection should be able to detect it and either quarantine it copy it to a safe folder so the user can decide what to do with it , or simply delete it. Outside of direct malware detection, many antimalware apps include additional tools such as ransomware protection. But you can add others. Several antimalware apps also include virtual private network VPN add-ons. Web protection via browser plugins or extensions is also popular and aims to stop the user or their children doing anything they regret online, such as visiting dodgy websites or handing over personal information.

Price was an obvious factor in our test. All the antivirus apps are sold as yearly subscriptions. Notably, some subscriptions include permission to use the antimalware app on more than one computer including Microsoft Windows computers , which can sometimes add significantly to the value - all computers within a household can be protected for one payment.

For various reasons, quantitively testing antimalware apps is difficult to the point of near-impossible, and for this reason the results of our testing are intended to be indicative rather than definitive. For example, we ran a full scan using each app and our goal was to determine relative speed and CPU loads.

One antimalware app scanned the system in 30 minutes, while another took six hours.

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  4. 1, XProtect: Mac Anti-Malware.

Your own scans might be quicker than this, or take longer. This Mac effectively has eight CPU cores—four actual cores, and four hyperthreaded virtual cores. This Mac is used daily for tasks such as email, web browsing, watching movies, listening to music, and more. In order to test always-on malware protection for each app, we downloaded 26 malware samples from a Mac security site representing most malware targeting the Mac from until the first quarter of this year.

Because placing these onto a "live" system represents an obvious security risk, we unleashed them within a virtualised Mac running on VMware Fusion , with macOS Mojave installed. Notably, we did not actively infect the system with this malware. Instead we simply placed the malware sample files on the disk by extracting them from password-protected archives.

VirusTotal is an open project intended to act as a freely-accessible information repository covering most malware and antimalware apps. Our goal was to find if the antimalware app claimed to defend against any malware that it ignored. We found that in most cases it did indeed claim to do so. Airo provides complete virus and malware protection for Mac by fitting powerful antivirus technology into an elegant, all-in-one security software. Airo combines real-time threat detection and cutting-edge AI technology, creating the most secure and reliable environment for Mac. Intego's Mac Internet Security X9 is our pick of the bunch, making it the best antivirus for Mac There's a lot to recommend: it's the fastest antimalware app we've reviews, the clean-up rate was impressing, and although it's more expensive than some offerings, you get a brilliant firewall app as part of the bundle.

This is enough to justify the price as far as we're concerned, but the very budget concious who need only malware protection might look at other apps we've reviewed, such as Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac. In AV-Test's latest report , Intego scored top marks for protection and usability, but did suffer in performance tests suggesting you may see some slowdown of your machine, but we didn't notice this during our testing other than during a full scan, which was very quick to complete. Despite a few small irritations, there's a whole lot to like about Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac.

Local network scan makes sure your home network and all connected devices are free from vulnerabilities that hackers could make use of to steal personal data. What We Like Easy to set up and forget about. Finds malware automatically. Includes lots of really great features.

Has a lightweight footprint. What We Don't Like The free version is limited in several important ways. Here's more:.

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Time Machine Protection monitors your Time Machine backups and prevents ransomware attacks that may try to encrypt or remove your backups. Safe File allows you to specify folders that will be continuously monitored, preventing unauthorized apps from making changes to these folders. Adware removal can free your Mac from annoying ads, unwanted browser add-ons, and browser toolbars that may be added without your consent. Traffic Light browser extension works with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox to add advance phishing detection to your browser and warn you of dangerous websites.

What We Like It's always active and running to find threats. Provides advanced options that can be tweaked to your desires. Doesn't use up lots of memory or CPU. What We Don't Like The free version only works in manual mode i. Here's more on Malwarebytes for Mac:. Detects and removes adware targeting Macs without requiring a separate browser add-on. Real-time protection can be disabled, allowing you to scan only when you wish. Includes an uninstaller for removing the Malwarebytes app.

Low system overhead even with background scanning enabled. What We Like Provides real-time threat detection. Identifies and removes various types of malware. Includes unique features such as remote management. Protects against web threats via filtering.

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What We Don't Like Several features are not included in the free edition. You must provide personal details to download the free version. It has a relatively large setup file. Here are the best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus screen protectors you can buy.

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