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I think this is the site where I found how to delete it. There was another site, which I can't find now, that explained how the master boot record can only […]. It was just gone and I know this because I had bootcamp and then partitioned the Mac into a When I tried to add another partition to my iMac, bootcamp stopped working. So, I used drive genius to delete that little sliver. I recreated the bootcamp partition and then booted from a I created a Lion disk through Disk Utility and see no need for as yet. So, I lost find my mac. Is that all??? The only way back now is a clean install from an installer if you have one.

Bad luck if your computer came with It requires that the hard drive me partition as a single Mac OS extended journal. Merge two or more pre-existing partitions into one. The first disk parameter is the starting partition; the second disk parameter is the ending partition; this given range of two or more partitions will be merged into one. You should do this if you wish to reformat to a new file system type. Merged partitions are required to be ordered sequentially on disk.

See diskutil list for the actual on-disk ordering; BSD slice identifiers may in certain circumstances not always be in numerical order but the top-to-bottom order given by diskutil list is always the on-disk order. And the partitions did not merge. This is what I had come up, and also following is the command that I typed in:. Again, I would like to boot Linux and Windows, but this partition is limiting me. EDIT: Yes, but you have to format the entire drive.

Put on both machines. Been hacing nothing but problems. Been on the phone with Apple care, put to second level. Guy was cool but I just can not take this buggy crappy This OS causes too many problems. Now I gotta spend hours fixing two machines and want to get a refund. Okay i have a situation lol, So i just bought a mac from a friend, checked it out had SL on it so just for fun and to check mac out for the first time, i upgraded it to Lion, cause i wanted to format it anyway.

So everything went well, but it kinda suck so i want to go back to SL. Now im stuck lol, i want to format it with a SL orginal DVD but, somehow i always get an error when im trying to boot from that DVD, telling me that my computer needs a reboot, so a continuous loop. Something like partition magic for windows lol :p. So I have erased the partition where I installed Lion on, but now I want to merge the blank partition with my Snow Leapard.

How do I do this and will I loose all my data if I do this? Aha, I get it. I have Snow Leopard and Lion installed in their own partitions but on the same disk. Worked a-okay. This is stupidity! Why the hell do one needs to delete the recovery partition? You are absolutely right, you would not want to delete the Recovery HD just for fun.

Install, Boot, and Run Mac OS X From an External Hard Drive

This walkthrough is intended for developers who want to perform a true clean installation of Lion come time for the GM release. Thus, if I keep the recovery partition, my Windows install will break. You can put the Lion installation DMG in another partition, so you recover from that one instead of redownloading from the Internet. I can tell you why because if like me you have problems with the install you cann finish up with two or more recovery HDs with this trick you can delete them as each is around MB.

I am going to assume that if you just format the main OS X Lion installation partition and then install fresh from the Mac App Store that Recovery will be updated as is. Name required.

Format External Hard Disk

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Before You Start: Back Up!

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Data Security. Our Story. Seagate Champions. Software Downloads. Instructions for installing an internal drive as a bootable or a storage drive in MacOS X. Physically install the drive into the Mac. Power on the computer while holding down the option key. Select Installer.

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