Siocsifflags cannot assign requested address mac

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Copy link Quote reply. Which device manufacturer, type? Droid Incredible Which firmware is installed?

CyanogenMod 7 What version of wireless tether are you using? Pair the win7 machine and the phone 2. From win7, right click on phone, connect using, access point 3. Wireless tether shows upload data taking place, but download stays at 0.

create another nic in linux redhat permenant

What do you see instead? Using adb shell, I can verify that the bnep0 interface is down. Using ifconfig and netconfig, I tried to bring up the interface, but it simply reports the same error Cannot assign requested address ifconfig bnep0 bnep0: ip Can that cause the problem? Other bluetooth profiles work find a2dp for example Original issue reported on code.

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ifconfig cannot assign requested address to dvb0_0 interface created with dvbnet

I'm using HD2 with CyanogenMod7 and having same issue with bluetooth tethering Wifi tethering works fine. The message comes in the log only after I try to pair and connect client PC to bluetooth PAN - there's no error in the log immediately after switching bluetooth tethering on. I also tried running "ifconfig bnep0" from adb but it says "bnep0: No such device".

Original comment by gautam Having the same problem with CM7. Sorry for the quick repost. Still no joy.

There you can disable and stop Network Manager, then enable and start network. I always did. On reboot it hung, and gave the same error that was previously posted. Once I logged in.

Cannot activate network device eth0!

I was having a problem where every time I rebooted, the eth would change as well as my mac address. I have a solution for you if that's the case. You're getting nothing at all If you type ' dmesg grep eth ' do you see anything? You should see something like: forcedeth Sorry, I'm not an expert Just for the heck of it I'm at work now, but a quick 2 second google for "SELinux dhcp" brought up a bunch of pages on how to configure this So the SELinux.


The other thing is I just realized is that in the hardware profile also in the results that were generated per your instructions it specifies a PCI adapter. Does that make sense? I think I'll just stay in this config.

Cannot activate network device eth0!

However, I really have appreciated your comments and feedback. You onboard nic should be supported though. Maybe try bugzilla or submit a bug. I also think that there's nothing to worry about your card being labeled as PCI, I think that's just how the kernel categorizes it. Love it! Looks good. Just for future reference