Vince staples mac miller interview

Yes but any girl he's with, he's not going to get married.

Vince Staples and Mac Miller talk about rap and race.

Just be honest that he wants to show off. He explains why he wouldn't want to get married.

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  • Vince Staples and Mac Miller talk about rap and race..
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  • [WATCH] Vince Staples Pays Tribute To Mac Miller: The Good Ones Always Die.

That's like snitching. All the time. He was dating the same girl his whole life but it didn't work out. He didn't cry when they broke up. Why did they break up? Who called it off? He asked Corey to co-sign that nothing happened between his ex. He said MJ's jawline looks crazy. He'll punch a kid in the face if he acts hard. He'll sock his kids. He doesn't mind putting his hands.

He explains what he would say if he was a teacher. He would tell him to meet him outside. He called Big Boy and asked who he was cool with? Kehlani was pregnant at the time. They gave her advice for names, Vincent and Corey.

Vince Staples

He doesn't like long projects. You waiting for Kanye to drop his album? He doesn't wait for any songs now. He doesn't listen to music like that.

Mac Miller. That's his homie. He knows his whole family. Do you remember the first time you met? He recalls meeting him and how Mac thought he was talented and 2 days later he picked him up from the ghetto.

Vince Staples and Mac Miller take on the great white rap debate.

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  6. Vince Staples Talks Mac Miller: ‘The Good Ones Always Die’!
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    Retrieved 20 July Retrieved July 20, July 22, Retrieved June 15, October 15, Retrieved September 12, Black Reel Awards. December 16, Hell Can Wait Prima Donna Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. It was never a thought of mine. I was always weird. I was just the weird one and they pushed me to not be otherwise. I had a lot of good people around me that made sure I stayed myself. It takes a strong person to not succumb to that life, especially in the music industry, when drug and alcohol use is really prevalent.

    I promise you I will never be super high. I had to stop going over there eventually because my asthma is really bad and they were trying to kill me. There was a lot going on over there. Any artists you really want to work with? Of course there are a few you want to work with one day, but I am open to work with anyone. You said something like rappers act hard to scare you and try to glorify things. That just goes to show how we look at these artists. Why go that route? Did you help out in the production?

    On that one—nothing.

    Featuring an unreleased Vince Staples freestyle.

    I do now, but as far as that one, I just heard it and wanted it when I was finishing my album. Do you think it fits?

    Interview: Vince Staples on tour life, Toronto and how he's commemorating Mac Miller - NOW Magazine

    Do you have any relationship to skating? That was my shit. Thrasher Magazine Menu Search. Music Vince Staples Music Interviews.